Secure & reliable business-class email

  • 50 GB mailbox storage per user
  • 50 GB archive mailbox per user
  • Send messages up to 150 MB in size
  • Premier anti-malware and anti-spam protection

The cost provided by Futurised to configure you Exchange accounts:

1 Exchange Online account is $195 per year.
2 Exchange Online accounts is $379 per year.
Additional accounts are $13.95 per month.
Prices exclude GST.

To access these accounts on your PC you will need Outlook 2016 or Office 365. We offer Office 365 and installation here.

We can assist with importing emails into your new accounts, and remote setup and support of Outlook on your PC.


What’s Exchange Online?

Exchange Online is Microsoft’s hosted email for businesses. It’s the industry-leading cloud solution adopted by small businesses and fortune 500 companies. Microsoft Exchange Online provides the benefits of a cloud-based email service with the robust capabilities of an on-premises server deployment. Microsoft will store, manage, and secure your businesses email and is always looking to improve the capabilities provided to customers.

1. Greater Control

The great thing about Office 365’s Exchange is that it can meet organisations’ unique needs. From overnight migrations to hybrid deployment, it can cater to different situations very effectively.

It also has certain powerful capacities. For instance, it protects against data loss and has an administration center that caters to customer queries and concerns.

With all of the data in one place, it gives companies control over storage and helps them meet compliance guidelines.

2. Reliability & Available

Microsoft manages multiple data centers across the world. If a large storm is hitting an area, Microsoft will seamlessly migrate your email to a safe data center. Your organisation will keep moving, regardless of world events.

3. Increased Productivity


Exchange helps employees get more productive by offering communication choices through multiple devices.

With features such as group inbox, calendar and conversation tabs, it can make communications happen seamlessly.

With the added OneDrive software, changes could be made to files in real-time. This makes sure that everybody in the team is on the same page.

What’s more, there’s also Office 365 Groups that allows everybody to share information and resources. This saves a lot of time.

4. Better Security

Exchange Online contains built-in tools that protect against viruses and spams. It keeps communications and sensitive information protected through smart, deep content analysis.

There are also crucial policy tips on Outlook that contain policy violation guidelines.

5. Exchange Online Archiving Features

With Exchange Online, users get advanced archiving functionalities. With an added archive mailbox running parallel to the primary mailbox, they get better security.

Here are some of its other archiving features:

Recovery for Deleted Items

Many times, files and folders get deleted without any intent. With archive item recovery, the deleted item can be regained.

Recovery for Deleted Mailbox

The administrator might delete users from the server. When this happens, the archive mailbox also gets deleted.

Microsoft has an efficient support team that can help. They need to be immediately contacted to get files recovered.

It should be noted that administrators can request for mailbox recovery within 30 days. After this, the mailbox will be permanently removed and there will be no chance of recovering it.

Futurised offers Office 365 Exchange Online email hosting.