Performance Reporting

track and report on your forms and phone calls

Track your website goals with Google Analytics performance reporting


Website Performance Report

  • Setup Google Tag Manager.
  • Setup Google Accounts for your domain name.
  • Link the accounts to your website.
  • Implement Google Tag Manager code on your website.
  • Setup Goal Tracking and Trigger for phone calls.
  • Setup Goal Tracking and Trigger for successful form submissions.
  • Setup dashboard for displaying tracking data.
  • Send website performance report monthly.

Google Tag Manager

Deploy tags (Google Analytics) on your website and trigger the tag with an action (form submit, phone call).


Google Analytics

Track form submissions and phone calls and record as a goal conversion (triggered by Google Tag Manager).

Report on your website's conversions (enquiries and calls)


Performance Reporting


  • $580 initial setup (includes first month)
  • Setup can take 5 to 8 hours
  • Google Tag Manager container Initial setup
  • Integrate code snippet on your website Initial setup
  • Form submission trigger (sitewide) Initial setup
  • Phone call click trigger (sitewide) Initial setup
  • Create goals for forms and phone calls Initial setup
  • Assign a dollar value to goals Initial setup
  • Google Analytics dashboard Initial setup
  • Send Performance Report
  • Add extra trigger/goal if changes were made to the structure of your website
  • Revise goal amount
Get Started Price excludes GST
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...excellent technical support for our website ...If things go wrong he's always quick to respond and work on solutions. It’s obvious Clint knows what he’s doing.